Convert An Entry-Level Posture Into A Career

Convert An Entry-Level Posture Into A Career

Cashiers, fast food employees, gas station attendants, waiting tables, and cab drivers are just a few examples of entry-level positions. People start working at those jobs, earn minimum wage, and remain at the same level for years. Most are part-time with no benefits of health insurance or paid time off. There are few advancement opportunities, training stops after initial orientation, and scheduling changes to suit the business. The work effort is under-valued, the job gets boring, and customers can be rude and demanding. Do not settle for this type of job when there are places where an entry-level position can turn into a challenging career.

One alternative is working for gold mountain jobs, which is a unique company that specializes customer services. There are some call centers that place outgoing calls to unsuspecting individuals. The process is called "cold calling" and the purpose is to sell a service or product to those who answer their telephones. Many simply hang up on the employee who made the call. That makes for a long and unproductive work day. Other centers, such as Gold Mountain, specialize in incoming calls. That means the customer places a voluntary call into the company for information, to order products, or to solve a problem or issues regarding a purchased product. There are a few differences in how the centers operate.

The first difference is the tone and expectation of the interaction. Customers are calling into the company at their convenience so they are not rushed or interrupted. They are receptive to information, happy to be placing an order, or willing to fully explain an issue or problem. Another difference is the extent of training employees receive. Most employees have a script for the product or service they are trying to sell, and they are trained on using the headset and computer program. Experienced companies, such as gold mountain jobs Mountain Communications, provide excellent training that allows employees to problem solve, collaborate with each other to reach a desired outcome, and offer upgrades or additional products successfully. Training is also ongoing to encourage employees to home skills, learn new ones, and move up in the company. Employees are building careers rather than working at a job.

Other differences among centers is the rate of pay, the scheduling, and the business culture. Base pay is typically higher because the crux of the duties is customer services instead of high-pressure sales. There is still the opportunity for bonuses and extra commissions, but all employees are paid well regardless of which project they are assigned. Scheduling at Gold Mountain Communications is very flexible. Shifts start at alternating times to accommodate students, single mothers, and those who are looking for a second job. If someone needs to get young children to school before beginning a shift, for example, that employee can begin at nine in the morning rather than seven. The company offers full and part-time positions, as well as temporary ones.

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