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Over this past year, international artist Tanya Haynes has brought her
unique style of fun fine art to life in Curaçao. Tanya’s artistry is recognized
by top international designers and art collectors; aquariums;
and ecological organizations.

As a SCUBA diver, Tanya breaks the confines of the aquarium and the
shore to study her subjects in their natural environment. Everyday she has
the pleasure of taking people to the tropics through painted experiences.
Most recently, she has embarked on a series of multi-dimensional sculptures
made of plexiglas and metal. This compelling new dimensional art form
combines the contrast of metal and the vivid, fluid colors of life in the tropics.
Watercolor and Acrylics are natural mediums for Tanya’s paintings.

They provide a colorful, transparent and spontaneous palette that embodies
the ever-changing environment she paints.
She has come within inches of a bull shark, visited the home of a moray eel,
swam with dolphins and stingrays, and encountered thousands of tropical
reef fish. Tanya has strolled across the Atlantic Ocean floor with a crab,
watched a lobster protect his home in the Pacific Ocean, and hovered
face to face with a blowfish in the Caribbean Sea. She finds nothing
more amazing and interesting than exploring the ocean depths.


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