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Arthur Oster was born in Rotterdam. His maternal grandfather (Dirk Reese) was a famous art collector, Maecenas and owner of a number of restaurants and theaters in Rotterdam. Many Oster family members were well known actors (Guus Oster), TV personalities (Fred Oster), writers and cabaretiers (Annemarie Oster). Arthur was in drawing and painting from his early youth. However, he decided to choose for a carrier as a lawyer and studied Dutch law and Notarial law in Leiden.

 In 1980 he moved to Curacao to work as an attorney and as a mediator. In 1997 he founded The Movies, which he later sold to focus on his artistic career.
His artistical education he received at different art academies: Art Student League of New York (2008-2012): Leonid Gervits / Harvey Dinnerstein, Buenos Aires (2009/2010): Mario Ferrari, Kunsthochschule Berlin (2011): Andrei Krioukov and Paris (2012) Academie La Grande Chaumiere: His Curacao teachers were: Anna Oltheten, Ria Houwen and Philip Zanolino.

Technique is very important for Oster: You can't play the piano without a long and serious training. You can't paint without study of the techniques and the history of painting. Without a very solid foundation of knowledge and skills a painting is what a chimpanzee can make.

Oster prefers to paint portraits and human figures, but recently he is also trying landscape painting ("plein air"). Besides he created an impressive non-figurative oeuvre.


Encoustic (bijenwas met pigmenten) op canvas. 2010 
107 x 89 cm

Als deuren niet open lijken te gaan.  Als sloten niet wijken.  Wacht dan tot de ruimte komt.  De poorten naar succes zijn gastvrij voor wie geduld heeft en volhardend is.

Olieverf op canvas. 2010

121 x 91 cm

Met steun van je omgeving kun je wat bereiken. Een arm om je heen, een stimulerend woord. Er is iemand die om je geeft en wil dat je succesvol wordt.

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