Marlies Schoenmakers

The starting point of all my work is a combination of abstract and figurative images. A search for balance between for example skin and color, line and shape, tension and relaxation.

Contrast, brightness, motion. Sensuality containing both masculine and feminine elements.

Clay is a primordial matter, primordial magic.

Clay is transformed into stone once it is fired. Its magic consists of the fact that movement can be captured in stone.

Even though the movement has been captured in a solid form, the movement itself has not disappeared or at least the illusion of that movement is still present.

The mathematical form of the ‘Möbius’ was my source of inspiration for the ‘Perpetuum Collection’. A fascinating form.

Movement frozen in eternity.

The contrast between a mathematical form – a rational expression – combined with sensuality and feeling – an emotional expression – that greatly stimulates my imagination.

The abstraction and the isolation give me the ultimate feeling of freedom: looking at something that has no specific significance.

Just marveling at the movement of that line. Frozen in the moment, yet continuing eternally.

That freedom, that total amazement, that image is so magnificent!!  

Marlies Schoenmakers

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