Suzet Rosaria

“Art is putting your soul on paper with colors, lines, forms and emotions, which lets the viewer see the world from another angle. It reveals what is there for others to see.   ”Suzet Rosaria

Being a woman myself and coming from a family where females are in charge, my work is predominantly characterized by women. Especially the creativity, strength, independence and outspokenness of the Afro Caribbean woman is what inspires me. These women often like to show off their beauty, and therefore are often accompanied by plants, exotic animals and our radiant sun. One thing that also fascinates me about the Afro Caribbean woman is the different ways she wears her hair. Our women like to cover their head either with a scarf or something else. When you look at my work, you will be captivated by the beautiful and radiant colors I use to express my fantasy. As a spectator you can give each piece your own interpretation. You can see a bird

for a chicken or a dog for a cow.                                                                         

 -Suzet Rosaria-

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